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Quintain Tutoring was set up in  2003, after parents at the local primary school asked teachers for tutoring, to support their children's learning - ultimately leading on to those pupils passing the 11 Plus.


However, at Quintain Tutoring, learning is about much more than simply imparting knowledge. Using both modern and traditional teaching methods, which are tailored to suit the individual learning needs of  each student, we teach pupils to have the confidence to tackle subjects that they have previously found difficult. Quintain Tutoring ensures that each pupil ultimately feels secure in their learning and that they move into the positive, upward spiral of, "I can, so I do" rather than the downward, negative spiral of, "I cannot and so won't try."



Students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dsycalculia, Dysgraphia, ADHD and other difficulties such as slight hearing loss and deafness are also catered for; we have tutors with specialist knowledge of these areas.


We try to ensure that our pupils have fun with their learning, engendering a love of learning for life.


The name comes from the 'Quintain' - the jousting post - which is situated next to our office. It is the only one left in England and is carefully maintained.

" Thank you for all your help and support. It has made school easier for me"

Our philosophy:

  • to encourage confidence and positive attitudes to learning
  • to help pupils develop independent learning, by being taught through a variety of teaching methods
  • to create a supportive environment
  • to nurture constructive relationships with parents
  • to develop a pupil's learning beyond the classroom
  • to thoroughly prepare students for exams at all levels
  • to create a love of learning for life

In order to reach us:

Quintain Tutoring

New Quintain House

North Meadow


West Malling


ME19 5NU

You can contact us by:

Tel No: 01732 845177

Mobile: 07946 610546

E-mail: office@quintaintutoring.co.uk

Contact Form: See 'Contact Us'


11 Plus     News

Now taking bookings for 11 Plus Classes             starting in               September 2018 for exams in 2019 -     Call us now to book your child's place.


[Note: Also taking bookings for  10 Plus Classes which are starting in September 2018 for pupils who wish to take the exam in 2020]


Tutors       News

We only work with the best, qualified, tutors - are you one of them? Contact us now to arrange an interview.

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